“Dembele” if they have not signed a new contract.

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Barcelona are reportedly ready to let Ousmane Dembele leave the club in January. If you still can’t catch this football contract a new contract.

The France international winger has been out of treatment since the summer of the past. After being injured in the service of the “Chicken Badge” in the Euro 2020 battle and had to undergo a cut.

There have been reports that “Aliens” want to let the 24-year-old leave the team since last summer. To withdraw capital after paying 135 million euros when pulled from Borussia Dortmund in 2017, but injury prevented the deal from happening.

Dembele still has a contract with Barca. Only during the summer of next year And they are trying to reach a new agreement with the player. To be free in the summer of next year

However, Barca still could not reach agreement on a new palettes Belem and believed the club called a lower wage than the original.

Mundo Deportivo reports that Barcelona are ready to release Dembele from January. If an agreement cannot be reached, it is

believed that newly acquired Newcastle United are interested in signing. Dembele as part of the team’s transition to greatness. According to reports by ufabet