Elneny announces founding of new club

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Arsenal midfielder Mohamed Elneny has announced the formation of Elneny FC, of ​​which he is both owner and coach. Ready to open applications for 25 top players aged 16-25 years who want to develop their skills.

Elneny is facing criticism from Jewish football fans for using the Palestinian flag as his IG profile picture. However, he has not changed. Plus they use the same account. Announcing the founding of a football team based in London. http://ufabet999.com

“Welcome to get to know Elneny Football Club – a place where talent Found an opportunity!” the 31-year-old Egyptian began his post late last week.

“It is with excitement that we announce this. to the founding of Club. An inclusive football community dedicated to nurturing young talent People between the ages of 16-25.”

“Elneny FC has a passion for the beautiful game of football. and is committed to developing stars for the future To make their dreams come true,”

“We have a top-notch coaching staff, an environment and opportunities for unparalleled development. Whether you are a rising star Whether you are an athlete or an aspiring athlete, Elneny FC is the place for you.”

Elneny’s recruitment announcement states that he will be a coach with UEFA staff and will train for two days each. week There is also the opportunity to compete with top teams. To take the data and analyze it with technology to use to improve the pace.