JK reveals ‘Dominic’ will rest for at least 2 games.

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Jurgen Klopp, normal coach Liverpool’s Day reveals that Dominic Soboszlai, the mother’s favorite midfielder Will have to rest for at least 2 games

. Captain of the Hungarian national team. Injured before being substituted off the field during a 4-2 win over Newcastle United on New Year’s Day.

After the game ended The German coach admitted that Soboszlai has a hamstring injury. And must continue to wait and see the symptoms.

“I can confirm it’s not a potential injury – it is an injury. Muscle, hamstring. But now we have to see,” said Klopp at his pre-Arsenal press conference.

“Dom is very positive, doesn’t have a lot of pain but we have to wait a little bit. So, no chance obviously for Sunday, not for Wednesday. No. ยูฟ่าเบท

“And then we will see, after that hopefully he might be back but we don’t know.”

Elsewhere, the manager reported no fresh fitness concerns ahead of the Reds’ trip to Emirates Stadium this weekend.

Recently, Klopp said, “I can confirm that it is not a serious injury. It’s a muscle injury, a hamstring, but now we have to wait and see.”

“Dom is very optimistic. There wasn’t much pain. But we have to wait and see a little more. “

Of course there’s no chance for Sunday. (Meet Arsenal) and Wednesday (Fulham). We’ll have to wait and see after that. “

Hopefully he might be able to come back. But we don’t know when. Aside from that, nothing happened.”

“The rest of the guys were fit and ready yesterday. We will have to make a decision.”