Jurgen Klopp receives a lot of madness.

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Jurgen Klopp unacceptable thought before that the team would advance to attack Manchester United 5-0 in front of a United player breaking ball was taught by Liverpool last class before. Scoring 5-0 and moving back to second at the top of the table now.

Klopp said: “What am I going to say? Do I expect something like this? Not at all.”

“What we did in the last area was crazy. And then scored a beautiful goal. I told them at half-time to play better.

And stopped playing football. We controlled the game after scoring the fifth goal, it wasn’t about scoring more goals. Just try not to get hurt.”

The Reds manager has also criticised the Premier League for the rearranged schedule imposed of United, and its impact on the top-four battle.

“It was the lineup I expected. Not exactly the lineup, but I knew that he had to make these changes,” he said.

“The result was crazy. May I ask if it has ever been like this before in history? If it doesn’t exist, it will take some time.”

“The players are doing great. It’s wonderful, but we don’t have to celebrate like crazy. We must respect our competitors. We’ve had some luck at some point. United are not at their best.”

“James Milner has a hamstring injury. He told me something wasn’t right and Naby Keita had to look again. His shins are open.”

“Three points against a major opponent. But you also need to understand this kind of game. We lost to Aston Villa and you have to learn from it. We beat Crystal Palace and the result was not interesting. I analyze the games We can play football better. And you need to concentrate more.”