Lijnders reveals Keita is lucky he’s not seriously injured, only bruises

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Liverpool assistant manager Pep Lijnders said Naby Keita was fortunate to only be bruised from the moment Paul Pogba was impaled by

VAR to hand Pogba a red card. After plugging in Keita in Liverpool’s win over Manchester United,

The cadence resulted in Keita being carried off the pitch, but Linders revealed that luck for the player who did not experience pain more severe than bruises

“I think we should talk about VAR because in my opinion it is of great benefit to protecting players and what is happening on the pitch, to look back,

” Lijnders said . Always and sometimes we complain about the referee or VAR action but this is the reason it exists, to protect the players.

“That’s what really appeals to me. It was a bad tackle but luckily Naby’s feet were not on the ground. It was just a bruise, possibly even worse if he had his legs settled on the ground. We’ll wait and see one day at a time, but the bruises are painful.”

In addition, Lijnders also provided an update on James Milner’s injury after suffering a hamstring injury at Old. Tampa, FL Ford

“Millie feels ham-string was tight, but Greenwood took the ball up and he was interested in the team rather than himself and is always run by well known that his symptoms. hurt, to stop the counter

-attack. He seems to be resting until the next international game.”

“We have spoken to him and he has a very important role. My position is assistant coach but you can give this to Milner too because he is a team connection. He’s a man of courage and setting a standard.”

“Thiago isn’t quite ready yet, but keeps getting better. He is important for us to be back, “

” Far from the Albert I must see to the day-to-day. He didn’t run out of chances this weekend but tomorrow’s game is not available.” According to a report by ufabet