McTominay confirms he never trained to be a striker.

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Scott McTominay, a Manchester United player. Reveals he has never seriously trained as a striker. and confirms his preferred position is central midfielder. Just because he has the instinct to score goals,

McTominay has produced 5 goals for the national team in 6 matches in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. Plus in the latest game he spun a sharp free kick. From the end of the line against Spain, but was hit. The referee forfeited it for being offside. ufabet

while in the club Even though there aren’t many opportunities to play But last week, McTominay just became the hero with 2 goals in stoppage time to help the “Red Devils” overtake Brentford, until there was a demand for Eric Ten Hag to be pushed up to play. full face

“Every time I score People will always say that when I was a kid I used to play as a striker. which makes me funny Because the truth is not like that at all,” McTominay explained during his stay with the national team.

“I’ve only played 2 matches there in the reserve team. Because at that time we had no one left. So I was never a striker! I’ve always been a central midfield player. “

I’m just alert. and can respond quickly in the penalty area I always think that when there is a chance to score a goal, I have to do that.”

The 26-year-old whiskey-blooded player will help his country in another friendly match against France before returning to the club to prepare for the trip to last-place Sheffield United. “I spoke with Darren Fletcher

and Mitchell van de Jak (United staff) and they urged me to take the opportunity to prove myself,” McTominay added.

“I try to do that in training as well. to show to the team manager And I hope I can continue to do it. When the team starts coming together to perform the way we know how.”