‘Mohamed Salah’ asked ‘Which way to go’ to improve penalty

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Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster has revealed that Mohamed Salah has spearheaded Liverpool’s hot form. Came in to ask him after the game to help give information about the penalty shootout. In order to develop himself further,

the 38-year-old goalkeeper has come out to praise Salah’s professionalism. who try to raise their own pace all the time

In that game, Liverpool’s home game kicked off a 5-0 thrashing of Watford with goals from Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and a Roberto Firmi hat-trick. No,

despite Mohamed Salah being highly successful in terms of form on the pitch and the number of goals scored. But he did not stop developing himself to be better. When he asked Foster, 

Where will he go if he has to take a penalty?

“Oh my god, Liverpool are the smoothest goalscoring machines. Their team has been training well, I thought maybe I had not seen the team play like this before in my life, “Foster said in The Cycling Other the GK

” But what I want to talk about it. Specially, it was Mo Salah’s story with what he came up to with me after the game that made me think, ‘Mom, this is professional. full of push To make it as good as possible, “

” B, they just feel like we’re 5-0 Moza Hezbollah to fire even one child, but he came up to me after the game. He covered his mouth with his hand because he didn’t want the camera to know what he was saying. He came in and asked, “Ben, Ben, are you okay? I want to ask If I did take a penalty, where would you go?”

I thought, “Oh, this kid is smart. Because we have to find information already. Every goalkeeper finds out about the centre-forward to face. We will try to find out if the penalty shot his 4 or 10 the last shot to Nowhere “

” For example, a 5 point 5 the last of Mohammad Salah, he shot to the right of the goalkeeper “

.” I looked at him and said I will dash to my right. because you took the penalties that way the last 5 times.”

“And a big smile appeared on his face. He grinned and said, okay, thank you very much, I know, I know, “

” he is not satisfied with just winning 5-0, scored a Man of the Match, or do incredible. and wanted to know a few details about his next game. if he has killed a penalty Where should he choose to shoot?”

“For me.. This is the reason why Mo Salah is a great player. at the top level” According to a report by ufabet.