Olivier Giroud hopes Milan will help heal the dream of winning the league

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Olivier Giroud, a veteran striker Revealed the regret that he did not succeed during his football career in the Premier League but hope to win the league with other places When AC Milan is now working great, there is a good chance to win the Serie A title this season.

Milan’s work is excellent. have the same score as Napoli Leading the Serie A crowd at the moment, after winning 8 and drawing 1 of their first nine league games in the league,

Giroud, who moved from Chelsea this season, hopes to win the league title. After failing to succeed while playing for Chelsea and Arsenal

“I’ve said that Football is a new beginning forever. And you always have to be ready for the next challenge,” Giroud told the Football Ramble podcast.

“That’s one of the regrets in my career. I didn’t succeed in the Euro final where France vs Portugal. And including never winning the Premier League with Arsenal and Chelsea.”ufabet.

“I still have a lot of hopes about winning the league with a new club. I’m focused on it.”

Despite some injuries, Giroud has been in outstanding form so far, scoring three of his five chances for Milan.