Sir Alex Ferguson encourages ghosts to give ‘Ole’ a chance to control

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Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson traveled to Carrington at the club’s training ground today (Tuesday) as. He was one of the backers to give Ole Gunnar Solskjaer a chance to manage.

against Manchester United in a packed Liverpool 5-0 after hitting a fresh look at the Old Tampa.

FL Ford last weekend. Sir Alex Ferguson symptoms are not pleased with what they saw in the episode.

He watched the game from the director’s seat as his former player Solskjaer faces intense pressure, and Solskjaer is believed to be set to take charge of the team against

Tottenham Spurs on Saturday are still at risk of being sacked,

reports the ufabet. News suggest that Ferguson and former chairman Martin Edwards were present at Carrington by Solskjaer himself. Arrived early in the morning to take the team to practice

Team CEO Ed Woodward and director Richard Arnold spoke with Glazer family Urgently on Monday after Arnold canceled all matches,

The Guardian stated that Ferguson thinks Solskjaer should be given the opportunity to bring the team back in the game, starting with the game. With Spurs on Saturday,

Woodward and Richards are also available to give Solskjaer the chance to remain in charge. Even so, the decisive decision will depend on Glazer family.

The eldest of the “Red Devils” still does not want to sack Solskjaer as many are unsure of Antonio Conte and no contact has been made despite his interest in the role.