Wenger teaches ‘Solskjaer’, don’t talk too much, aggravate the crisis.

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Arsene Wenger legendary coach introduced Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said Manchester United have come out in an interview defending team only in a crisis situation now,

“Red Devils” a game that certainly was not the result. Worst job after being beaten 5-0 by Liverpool on Sunday.

Wenger knows that one win is not enough for the Manchester United manager though, and Solskjaer will need two or three results to give him the ‘peace’ in the job which he needs.

When asked if Solskjaer should immediately come out and say something Or leave it alone. Wenger replied: “You might say something. But the first thing is to protect the club and the team. This is something you can get the most

out of through the media.” “Don’t make a statement or create a serious crisis. You know you’re in the middle of a crisis. You know you’ve got a lot of work to do to tackle the mentality of your team. Because it’s very damaged.”

“Overall, you just don’t try to make things worse. and deliver a message to the players.”

“You know the supporters are really cool when they feel the need to do something. And second, they look for someone in charge. This is our job to answer first.”