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Elneny announces founding of new club

Arsenal midfielder Mohamed Elneny has announced the formation of Elneny FC, of ​​which he is both owner and coach. Ready to open applications for 25 top players aged 16-25 years who want to develop their skills. Elneny is facing criticism from Jewish football fans for using

Ramsey debuted to join the army

Ramsey debuted to join the army of “The Bluebirds” for the first time in 16 years. The 32-year-old midfielder began his professional football career with Cardiff City in 1999. The player canceled his contract with Nice at the end of last season. Aaron Ramsey has

Arteta shocked the news of Gabriel being robbed

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta admits he was shocked to hear news of Gabriel facing an attacker. And confirmed that the club will provide support to move through the story. The Brazilian defender was stalked by assailants until the break. The property includes a luxury car and attempted